Robert Plummer, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Saginaw Office         (989) 791-1669
4945 Brockway (at Center - Behind Chase Bank)

Midland Office          (989) 839-7989
2918 N. Saginaw Rd. (in the Allstate Bldg.)
From the corner of Eastman and Saginaw, go West
towards the hospital. Between Drake and Sturgeon.

Please call ahead for appointment.
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How does talking help?
Talking puts into words the thoughts and emotions needed for problem solving, for learning to cope differently.

I talk to my friends, how is talking to a psychotherapist different?
Actually, everyone talks to friends, family.  The difference is confidentiality and psychotherapy. You are free to
be honest with your psychotherapist. Maybe with others you might not want to be as open. Your friends might
tell you what they would do, but it might not match your plans.
Will the psychotherapist just listen or will he/she tell me what to do?
A psychotherapist will listen and ask you questions that you need to think about, to try to answer.  Often he/she
will not tell you what to do because he/she cannot make a decision for you.  It is your life, not the
psychotherapist's.  The solutions you arrive at will work in your life.
Why am I seeing a psychotherapist? Am I crazy?
No.  You are not crazy.   A psychotherapist is a life management specialist, like a coach.  One's response to
life's stressors sometimes overwhelms our natural ability to cope.  A psychotherapist helps you learn to cope
with life's problems, with stress.
Does psychotherapy work for everyone?
No. Some people are not yet ready.  Some problems take longer to fix.  Some problems are not fixed by
How do I get more out of psychotherapy?
You get out of psychotherapy only what you are willing to put into it.
How long does psychotherapy take?
Progress depends on your openness in facing problems and your ability to work on those problems with your
If I'm not getting better, what should I do?
First, talk it over with your psychotherapist.  Don't just stop suddenly.  You may have an unconscious
resistance.  Second, ask for a second opinion. Your therapist can refer you or you can find someone yourself.
How do I decide if psychotherapy is
working for me?
Do you feel comfortable with the therapist?
Does he/she offer a diagnosis or an idea of what might be
going on?
Do the therapist's statements open new thoughts,
understanding, help?
Do sessions reduce anxiety, conflict?
Do sessions connect - is a theme evolving?
Do sessions make you think more between sessions?
Do you dream more?
Do others (friends, family, etc.) tell you that you seem
better, more confident, more at ease?
Does the therapist stick with difficult sessions rather than
placate you?
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